Teacher and Curriculum Developer

The teaching profession is close to Arjan Khalsa’s heart. Guided through the example of his mother, who was a visionary K-8 teacher in Glencoe, IL in the 1960’s and 70’s, Arjan has been enamored with teaching throughout his life. He served as an instructional aide while going to college and started in the classroom immediately thereafter. He has taught at grades 2-6 and at the university level.

Teaching Elementary School. Arjan’s education career began in the 1970’s and early 80’s when he taught elementary school in Occidental, California. The photo was taken at in 2011, at a 30-year class reunion.

University Instruction and Curriculum Development. Arjan leveraged his teaching experience to train teachers at San Francisco State University and also create curriculum. At the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley, Arjan was an author on the Full Options Science System (FOSS) project, and member of the math team that first published the NCTM  standards. He helped produce Science Discovery Theater, and is seen playing the role of Inspector Spectrum in Inspector Spectrum Catches the Wave.